Questions & Answers

Q: How powerful is the electric engine?
A: The power of the electric motor is 115 kW with a maximum torque of 390 Nm which is available from the very first second.
Q: Are the same transmissions available for the eCanter as for the Diesel Canter?
A: No, within the electric engine of the eCanter is a reduction gearbox included. It is connected directly to the transmission shaft. This means the eCanter is able to speed up to the legal speed limit for trucks without shifting. This results in less wear and constant acceleration.
Q: How much capacity does the battery of the eCanter have?
A: Every battery pack has a capacity of 13,8 kWh. The eCanter has six battery packs and a total capacity of 82,8 kWh.
Q: How much does a battery pack weigh?
A: One battery pack weighs 112 kg. The eCanter with a GVW of 7.49 t still offers a chassis-payload of 4.5 t.
Q: How much time does it take to charge the eCanter?
A: It is possible to charge the eCanter both with AC and DC via CCS Type 2 charger (EU conform). This means it is possible to charge within one hour up to 80% capacity. Via AC it will take up to 9 hours.
Q: How can the vehicle support the driver in his daily work?
A: The daily working route can be organized via smart navigation according to FUSO service center and charging stations. The connectivity system is able to scan the load directly and evaluate the free loading space to navigate the driver directly to the next loading point, to make sure the best possible occupancy rate is given.
Q: How much reach does the eCanter have?
A: The eCanter has a reach of about 100 km. This is absolutely sufficient for the daily use of municipalities and house to house delivery companies according to the latest findings in our current fleet customer test in Stuttgart, Germany. In the future we will offer modular battery packs. Every customer will be able to customize the battery packs according to their needs.
Q: With all the functionalities the vehicle operation seems to be very difficult?
A: Quite the contrary. The transmission system is now easier to handle than ever: via the push-start-button you can start the eCanter and via switches you can choose the different drive modes: P, D, N and R.
Q: Is there a special maintenance necessary for the eCanter?
A: Special only in regards of a high voltage training which every technician has to participate in before working on the vehicle. Due to system constraints the parts in the power-train are nearly wear-free and very low in maintenance. Only the cooling liquid of the high voltage system has to be exchanged regularly.