Today Daimler Trucks hands over the first units of its all-electric FUSO eCanter truck to European customers. The renowned and globally active...

Mitsubishi Fuso strengthened the commitment of its FUSO brand for alternative drivetrains by announcing it will electrify its complete range of trucks...


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Q: How powerful is the electric engine?
A: The power of the electric motor is 115 kW with a maximum torque of 390 Nm which is available from the very first second.
Q: Are the same transmissions available for the eCanter as for the Diesel Canter?
A: No, within the electric engine of the eCanter is a reduction gearbox included. It is connected directly to the transmission shaft. This means the eCanter is able to speed up to the legal speed limit for trucks without shifting. This results in less wear and constant acceleration.
Q: How much capacity does the battery of the eCanter have?
A: Every battery pack has a capacity of 13,8 kWh. The eCanter has six battery packs and a total capacity of 82,8 kWh.
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FUSO History

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World premiere: the FUSO eCanter

From FUSO Canter E-CELL to FUSO eCanter: The new name stands for the third generation of the world's first all-electric light truck and presents an important step on the way from small series to series production. The eCanter differs technically profoundly from the previous model and benefits from the extensive knowledge of customer trials with the second generation and the decline in technology costs for batteries and components. The eCanter has been presented at the IAA 2016, and the launch event was held at NY on 14th Sep, 2017

The FUSO eCanter with its locally emission-free drive will not only relieve the city centers from exhaust and noise emissions, but will also be an economically attractive alternative to the diesel engine. Due to lower technology costs of the eCanter it can be offered at a very competitive price at market launch - thanks to lower operating costs compared to a comparable diesel model - it can be amortized for the customer in less than 3 years.